Monitoring in a new suit

Nagios web interface

Possibly the most visible difference between Nagios and Icinga, the web interface is the point of contact which users have with their monitoring system – making its user friendliness and flexibility paramount. Nagios has a stable web interface which has been around for about 10 years. The user stays within one window clicking through to different views either within the screen or from the left hand menu and tactical overview.

Icinga new web interface

In contrast, Icinga Web is highly dynamic and laid out as a dashboard with tabs which allow the user to flip between different views that they need at any one time. These can be customized to suit the user’s day-to-day needs as all displays are persistent and remain when the user returns. With an AJAX search tool, filter capabilities, and compound commands, the differences to the classic Nagios interface are plenty. Check out the web interface for yourself or sit back and watch its introductory webcast.

Icinga classic web interface

For those who like Icinga but prefer a more traditional look and feel, Icinga Classic Web combines new features with that familiar single window format as in Nagios. Enhancements include CSV output on all CGIs, multiple delete of downtimes and comments, and an integrated config command expander. Its continual bug fix and development in the background makes it a natural stepping stone to our dynamic flagship interface- Icinga Web.

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