Icinga 1 - Features

Monitoring fork with more

Icinga 1 shares similarities with Nagios in its basic monitoring capabilities, adding a few features above and beyond.

Flexible and modular architecture

A typical Icinga 1 setup consists of Icinga Core, Icinga Web, a database (MySQL / Oracle / PostgreSQL), plugins and addons. These communicate via Icinga Web’s Doctrine abstraction layer, REST and plugin API’s – that mediate between external data and internal structures. This bundling of components allows you to distribute Icinga 1’s system for redundant monitoring. It also offers the freedom to customise Icinga 1 to suit your needs.

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New dynamic web interface

Based on an Agavi framework, driven by Ajax and enhanced by ExtJs, Json and CSS, Icinga Web stands out from the crowd. Its widget architecture offers a highly customisable dashboard interface that easily integrates addons. The new interface was built with user friendliness in mind. Alongside a powerful search function, real-time status views can be filtered and sorted to get you the information you need faster.

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Enterprise grade extensibility & authentication

From one to thousands of hosts, services, instances – Icinga 1’s plugin and modular structure offers limitless extensibility. Aside from the fact that all Nagios extensions are Icinga 1 compatible, Icinga Web’s own Doctrine abstraction layer, REST and plugin APIs make designing new extensions even easier. This is topped off with a highly refined authentication system which enables user access, notifications and views to be customised to the detail of server groups, servers and services per individual.

100% Open Source & community driven

Icinga 1 was forked from Nagios with a clear objective to preserve its open source nature. Icinga in all its versions is available under GPL and will always remain so. That’s because Icinga is developed by a large team of monitoring enthusiasts from around the world. So bug fixes and new features are constantly released and Icinga’s public roadmap is testimony to the team’s commitment.

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Designed to make monitoring easier

Icinga is consistently being fortified with new components, extensions and accessories to make monitoring more convenient for you. More recent innovations include:

  • Icinga Reports: Convenient report generation & distribution in Icinga Web based on Jasper Reports
  • Icinga Packages: Icinga pre-packaged for easy installation on your favourite distro, from your favourite distro (or from our auto-built repository).
  • Icinga Virtual Appliances: Icinga all set and ready to go on Vagrant, Virtual Box or VMWare – perfect for testing.