Team Icinga

Meet the biggest Icinga buffs around
The Icinga Project is the combined efforts of many developers, testers, documentation writers and users just helping one another out. A few are particularly dedicated to ensuring the Icinga Project continues to progress, and we like to call them Team Icinga. Membership is open to all who want to become regular contributors.

Do you want to be part of Icinga? Great, just contact us!

Team Core

Icinga 2, Icinga Core, Classic UI & IDOUtils 1.x development.

Team Web

Icinga Web 1.x, Icinga Reports and more recently, Icinga Web 2 development.

Team Packages & Tools

Icinga release packaging. Vagrant, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, … tools.

Team QA & Docs

Icinga quality, release testing & bug reporting, as well as Icinga documentation writing & translation.

Team Community

Icinga announcements, events & community support.