From FOSDEM to CfgMgmtCamp and beyond

fosdem_2015_logoIcinga team members are spread all around the globe, and so are the events we’re attending or organizing :-)

We’ve never been to FOSDEM, so it was really nice to catch up with community members and speakers knowing Icinga very well, as well as talking about the hot stuff with Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2. Bruxelles & Waffels, Gin & Beer, and also meeting with the Inuits guys talking Puppet.

FOSDEM took place on Saturday & Sunday where we mostly attended the configuration management dev room, next to distributions (systemd, etc) and visiting the booths. Numbers said 3000 to 5000 users, and certain rooms were just full any time – FOSDEM was renamed to “Fulldem” on Twitter. Sunday evening we joined the Foreman developers and contributors for dinner, moving to Ghent afterwards.

cfgmgmtcamp_logoWith nearly ~500 registered users CfgMgmtCamp has a full house, kicked off by the keynote by Mitchell Hashimoto (creator of Vagrant), providing a vision where configuration management will head. Next up was a panel on the future of configuration management with the brains behind Chef, Ansible, Saltstack and Puppet – awesome! We were moving further into the Foreman track with Katello as content life-cycle management system, and a nifty talk on how to deploy CoreOS with Foreman.

Last but not least – James Turnbull on Monitoring Sucks. While certain aspects are definitely true such as using the configuration management tool to discover and register services, we do not agree on a bad monolithic model behind Icinga 2.

Second day started with a great talk by Jez Humble from Chef on Lean Configuration Management. Next up: Writing Foreman plugins, using autodiscovery and even further – there certainly were many tracks and talks to choose from, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt, Juju, Foreman, … and the ones who discovered the already developed modules for integrating Icinga2 with Puppet, Ansible & Chef doing their home exercises already (have a Saltstack recipe? Contact us!).

Afterall, CfgMgmtCamp was an awesome event – big thank you to the organizers! #cfgmgmtcamp – see you 2016 :)

PS: Keep monitoring all the things! ;-)



Join us at FOSDEM & CfgMgmtCamp 2015

fosdem_2015_logoLong time no see … or how Kris convinced Bernd to make Icinga @ FOSDEM happen at last.

Join Markus, Bernd & me (and Dirk, a fellow co-worker at NETWAYS) on this years FOSDEM 2015! We’ll be around to talk/hack/demo/do Icinga – Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and whatever comes to mind. And a lightning talk even.

cfgmgmtcamp_logoOur journey does not end in Brussels – CfgMgmtCamp 2015 in Gent right after FOSDEM is sponsored by Icinga. Guess who’s there joining the conversation ;-)

Next to upcoming features in Icinga 2 v2.3, both FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCampt are a nice place to talk about Icinga and tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Saltstack, etc. – just keep an eye on tall guys from the Icinga team, and say hello :-)

Poke @icinga on twitter for a spontaneous meetup during the events. See you in Belgium!

Not only #monitoringlove but #communitylove

We’re quite active in many community channels, and are often asked why there is no donate button on, or how someone could just send us something we appreciate.
While it is tremendously hard to have one single postal address for an international team (sorry guys & gals), we try to keep up and share it with the team. And we really appreciate any sort of thank you – happy team == happy icinga community :)

Some beloved community members are not only active on the #icinga IRC support channel, but also help report bugs and test snapshot builds inside the #icinga-devel channel. One of them is Bart Vrancken (CrossWire on IRC), and he really loves what we do with Icinga as it seems :-)

We were just joking on IRC a while back, and offering to send gin, beer, gummi bears or LEGO even …

12:31 < CrossWire> formorer: donations go where? :p
12:31 < dnsmichi> beer, gin & gummibaers, deutschherrnstr. 15-19, 90443 nuremberg ;-)
12:32 < dnsmichi> well. or lego :)
12:32 < formorer> not everone works at netways :)
12:33 < CrossWire> well i've read on the website no donations are 'accepted', but i dont mind to supply some beer ;) you guys helped me a lot
12:33 < CrossWire> formorer / dnsmichi / shroud work all at netways?
12:34 < formorer> dnsmichi and shroud do.
12:36 < CrossWire> nuremberg is a bit out of my way, so ill must ship something ;)
13:01 < dnsmichi> well, collecting stuff at netways is easy, and then redistribute to others.
13:02 < dnsmichi> but it was more of a joke tbh, i'm not expecting anything :)
13:29 < CrossWire> dnsmichi: wrong postal btw ;)

In the end, it turned out that the postal is still 90429 (my bad), and the package had some issues with DHL shipping (Germans are used to that, somehow), but after that it’s like – WOW, THANKS A LOT, BART! :)

icinga_beer01 icinga_beer02

(and we certainly have some Icinga beer with all the others hopefully soon :))

Team Icinga at OSMC 2014

IMG_3805This year’s OSMC (Open Source Monitoring Conference) really was a blast. Our 6th year so far! Not only because we released Icinga 2 in its feature version 2.2 beforehand, including Agents, CLI and magic apply for rules. There also was our very first Icinga Web 2 Beta release happening live at the yearly Icinga booth.

Looking at the schedule, you’ll recognize so much #monitoringlove for Icinga, this is just overwhelming! :-)

Current State of Icinga

Aosmc_2014_state_of_icingand then there was the presentation by Bernd (his talk was in German, but the slides are English). While showing that Icinga 1.x is not dead, everyone was certainly waiting for an in-depth introduction into Icinga 2 and its capabilities and new features, and the astonishing Icinga Web 2 live demo.

Rumors do tell that the presentation slot right before the relaxing evening event allows you to talk a little longer, but hey, there’s so much to talk about. Decide yourself by watching the presentation, or by joining us in 2015, 16.-18. November :)


Connecting Icinga 2 with Graylog2

IMG_4149For me, OSMC also was a new experience holding a presentation together with one of the Graylog2 developers, Bernd Ahlers to be exact. We did plan a proof of concept talk in the first place, but working together remotely did work out quite nice in terms of getting 2 new features:

  1. The GelfWriter feature in Icinga 2 writing events to Graylog2
  2. check-graylog-stream as Icinga check plugin querying Graylog2’s alerts streams (find it on IcingaExchange)

The talk also features a live demo of all these components, and we’ve been building a new Vagrant box icinga2x-graylog2. Working together closely, Icinga and Graylog2 developers, we decided to join forces – Bernd Ahlers is joining the Icinga team and help maintain these Vagrant boxes. The new box is using CentOS 7 already, all others are in the process of being updated.

You can watch the presentation below, it’s been held in English only.


See you soon!

osmc_opensource_connectsAll slides are also available in our slideshare stream. You’ll also find the recorded screencasts over here. And if you still haven’t enough, follow our twitter feed.

Watch out for future Icinga Camps and next years OSMC – it’s always nice to meet and connect :-)


Icinga 2 bugfix release 2.2.1 – Support Arrays in Command Arguments

Since we released Icinga 2 2.2.0 right before OSMC 2014, we received quite a lot of feedback and also bug reports – thank you! We’ve fixed quite a few bugs for 2.2.1 and also one rather annoying design bug – others might think of it as a feature.

Arrays in Command Arguments

While the command arguments for CheckCommand objects are a pretty nifty idea, some check plugins require specific parameters: Sometimes with a prepended parameter key, sometimes just multiple values. Most prominent examples are:

./check_disk .... -p '/' -p '/var' -p '/tmp'

./check_nrpe .... -a 'arg1' 'arg2' 'arg3'

This did not work in previous versions, so we came up with a better idea:

  1. Support arrays in runtime macros
  2. Allow to define if the key patameter is repeated (e.g. check_disk) or not (e.g. check_nrpe)

That way you can now define an array of disks and pass that value directly to the disk CheckCommand shipped with Icinga 2 using the disk_partitions custom attribute, as shown in the screenshots below. repeat_key is enabled by default.

icinga2_2.2.1_macros_arrays_config icinga2_2.2.1_macros_arrays_command_log icinga2_2.2.1_macros_arrays_icingaweb2

You can also use this new feature for your own check_icmp command definition too, as shown in the documentation.


Package builds are available soon. While downloading and upgrading to the latest and greatest, make sure to read the Changelog.

Enjoy Icinga 2 and please send your feedback, bug reports & feature requests to our development tracker.


More details at the development tracker.

  • Support arrays in [command argument macros](#command-passing-parameters) #6709
    • Allows to define multiple parameters for [nrpe -a](#plugin-check-command-nrpe), [nscp -l](#plugin-check-command-nscp), [disk -p](#plugin-check-command-disk), [dns -a](#plugin-check-command-dns).
  • Bugfixes
  • Feature #6709: Support for arrays in macros
  • Feature #7463: Update spec file to use yajl-devel
  • Feature #7739: The classicui Apache conf doesn’t support Apache 2.4
  • Feature #7747: Increase default timeout for NRPE checks
  • Feature #7867: Document how arrays in macros work
  • Bug #7173: service icinga2 status gives wrong information when run as unprivileged user
  • Bug #7602: livestatus large amount of submitting unix socket command results in broken pipes
  • Bug #7613: icinga2 checkconfig should fail if group given for command files does not exist
  • Bug #7671: object and template with the same name generate duplicate object error
  • Bug #7708: Built-in commands shouldn’t be run on the master instance in remote command execution mode
  • Bug #7725: Windows wizard uses incorrect CLI command
  • Bug #7726: Windows wizard is missing –zone argument
  • Bug #7730: Restart Icinga – Error Restoring program state from file ‘/var/lib/icinga2/icinga2.state’
  • Bug #7735: 2.2.0 has out-of-date icinga2 man page
  • Bug #7738: Systemd rpm scripts are run in wrong package
  • Bug #7740: /usr/sbin/icinga-prepare-dirs conflicts in the bin and common package
  • Bug #7741: Icinga 2.2 misses the build requirement libyajl-devel for SUSE distributions
  • Bug #7743: Icinga2 node add failed with unhandled exception
  • Bug #7754: Incorrect error message for localhost
  • Bug #7770: Objects created with node update-config can’t be seen in Classic UI
  • Bug #7786: Move the icinga2-prepare-dirs script elsewhere
  • Bug #7806: !in operator returns incorrect result
  • Bug #7828: Verify if master radio box is disabled in the Windows wizard
  • Bug #7847: Wrong information in section “Linux Client Setup Wizard for Remote Monitoring”
  • Bug #7862: Segfault in CA handling
  • Bug #7868: Documentation: Explain how unresolved macros are handled
  • Bug #7890: Wrong permission in run directory after restart
  • Bug #7896: Fix Apache config in the Debian package