Icinga 2go

Need to keep an eye on your systems while on the go? Take Icinga with you in your pocket. Icinga Mobile is our user interface for your smartphone or tablet’s browser*, be it on iOS, Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS or webOS.

What’s noteworthy about Icinga Mobile?

  • Written in JavaScript
  • Enriched with Sencha Touch
  • Installation free – just add to phone bookmarks
  • Authentication via API key applies all Icinga Web user rights and preferences
  • Local storage of settings on phone
  • Central updates apply automatically to all Icinga Mobile users

All these enable you to view host and service status with details, filters and data sort and send commands just as in Icinga Web – from anywhere, anytime.

Download at http://www.icinga.org/download/
Trial it at http://mobile.demo.icinga.org/interface/
Git – Check it out at http://git.icinga.org/icinga-mobile.git

*Note: Icinga Mobile runs on WebKit based browsers.