Community Portal moving to

Dear community members,

an important update regarding our lovely community & support platform:

The previously called “Nagios/Icinga Portal” will now be moved to “Monitoring Portal” which requires your bookmarks to be updated to the new domain as well:

Background is that Nagios LLC is claiming the trademark on the domain “”. More information can be found here.

Please make sure to update your bookmarks and join the lively community :-)

Hope to see you around!

Kind regards,


  1. Dear support,

    I’m a beginner using Incinga, actually I installed Icinga VM on Debian, I’m trying to add hosts (routers & switches) & enable e-mail alerts to be send as notifications using the web interface.

    If someone can help in details on how to accomplish the above tasks, I would be grateful


  2. this is a blog for news and updates. if you seek support, please select your channel from the menu, “Support” section. thanks.

  3. I have questions concerning ICINGA


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