Icinga moves from GIT to CVS

We finally made our decision to step away from GIT, and get back to the origin SCM used by Nagios for a long time – CVS. It will enhance our current development capabilities and allow us to develop even faster with speed of light.
The first import is still in progress, you can follow it over here on the cvsweb of sourceforge. Stay tuned …


Update 2.4.2011 02:25: We are failing to import GIT into CVS, so we’ll stay on GIT ;-))


  1. Yeah. Back to the roots. I ever knew that CVS simply *is* the best.

    But this is the only the first step. Maybe also Icinga will come back to the origin of all, Nagios. Stay tuned …

    the Father of Everything

  2. Bah! Real Coders use RCS or SCCS!

    And nothing else!!


  3. YES :)

    We moved also everything back to CVS a couple of weeks ago in our company! Good decision!

  4. I stepped back from Linux to Windows today, since this is what really works.

  5. 1. April joke?

  6. back to os/2!!!! :)

  7. Good news finally !
    You gave me the strength to be brave enough :
    I switched from Redmine & GIT to CPOLD and word and excel files on windows network share… old is new goodness !



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