Released: Icinga 1.0.3 & Icinga Web 1.0.3

Icinga reaches the next level of open source monitoring – releasing Icinga 1.0.3 and Icinga Web 1.0.3 to the world!

While Icinga Core unifies the Classic UI, IDOUtils and API in 1.0.3, Icinga Web steps from 1.0.1 directly to 1.0.3 unstable, preparing for a unified release version in October.

Several new config options have been added to Icinga Core, next to reworking check execution with execvp. We’ve also fixed several bugs, e.g. wrong service alerts in the logs and persistent comments disappearing after restart.

Icinga IDOUtils now provide extended syslog output while fixing major NULL binding errors in Oracle and enhancing column length for MySQL/Postgresql/Oracle.

We have also been working on an outstanding new feature for the Classic UI: Multiple Host/Service selection in the status views, sending commands to the Core.
Next to that, we have added a pause/continue page update button, the possibility to show only HARD states in the tactical overview and optional long_output in the status pages.

Icinga API now provides unit tests and its own debug log, next to our own oci8 implementation instead of pdo_oci. Bugs and more Queries have been added too.

Icinga Web features a new tactical overview including an underlaying template engine. Sending commands is now possible to specific instances only or doing a broadcast. A session expiry watchdog has been added such as http basic auth.
Several IE and other bugs have been fixed, code quality has been improved and configure now allows you to set the API credentials e.g. for IDOUtils DB directly. Watch out for our cool Icinga throbber after login!

Checkout Changelog or What’s New section in the docs for more information!

Please report feedback and/or bugs to our development tracker, the mailinglists and the Icinga Portal! :-)

Enjoy Icinga 1.0.3 and stay tuned for more to come! =)


  1. i just wanted to know why there are icinga backports for debian lenny but there is no .deb for icinga-web ???

    is this correct or am i missing something?

    it would be nice to have the new web interface as a debian package so it could be managed with apt

  2. issue “resolved”

    icinga-web isn’t packaged (yet)

  3. maybe, there will be an .deb – package in the next release? :-)



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