Icinga Camp Belgrade


24th of September 2016

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Icinga Web 2

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Icinga 2 - New Core

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Monitoring as Code

Icinga is a resilient, open source monitoring and metric solution. Lay a monitoring foundation based on our new object-based, rule-driven configuration format with unseen flexibility and performance.

Discover new perspectives

Icinga Web 2 is built on a solid foundation and provides everything you need for a great monitoring interface. Interact with services, discover metrics, or report your availability is just a click away.

Extend to your needs

Even Icinga Web 2 provides everything you need to start your infrastructure monitoring there could be a demand for more. Our modules extend and expand Icinga Web 2 functionality to your needs in no time.

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For a couple of years people have been asking us for various Icinga swag and the only answer we had was: “We are thinking about that!” It took some time but now we are happy to offer you gluten free, organic and of course local stuff. Right know we are not able to deliver to every destination but we are working on adding new countries on a monthly base.

You need a mug for your girlfriend, a hoodie for your father in law or a sticker for your grandmother? Here we are!

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In a nutshell

  • 100% Free & Open Source
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Encrypted cluster communication
  • Powerful CLI
  • Distributed monitoring built in
  • Continuous development
  • Nagios backward compatible

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