The People Behind Icinga

To ensure the continuous development of the popular monitoring software Nagios, a group of active, long standing Nagios community supporters have decided to fork Nagios and open its development to a broader base. Do you want to be part of Icinga? Great, just contact us!

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Icinga Core,
Classic UI & IDOUtils development. (Lead by Michael Friedrich)
Michael FriedrichMICHAEL FRIEDRICH (+ PACKAGING) | "dnsmichi"
Lead Developer of Icinga Core. Creator of 1.x IDOUtils PostgreSQL/Oracle. Michael works as Application Developer and focuses on coding Icinga (2) & Addons in C, C++ and Perl. In charge of: Icinga 1.x & 2.x as well as Packaging. On the team since May 2009.
Lead Developer of Icinga Classic UI. Ricardo looks after monitoring and server administration of >500 servers at one of Deutsche Telekom’s many departments. Ricardo has over 10 years of monitoring experience. On the team since August 2010.
Thomas is a DBA with 20 years experience and specialises in IDOUtils and Oracle. Working at Vodafone Germany, he manages their Oracle databases and monitoring on various platforms. On the team since March 2011.
IT consultant and Icinga user/developer in Northern California who does C, Perl, Python and shell programming. He focuses on the Classic UI and was behind the new Tactical Header introduced in 1.4. Currently the Group Contact (GC) for #icinga on the IRC Freenode network and on the team since May 2011.
GUNNAR BEUTNER | "gunnarbeutner"
Icinga Core developer. Gunnar specializes on Icinga 2.x and 1.x IDOUtils. He is a contributor to various graphing tools and works in C/C++, PHP with a love of databases. On the team since June 2011.
GERD V. EGIDY | "gvegidy"
Gerd has been doing C++ development and Linux system administration for over 15 years - both professionally and in his free time. He works at Intra2net as the head of support and consulting. On the team since April 2014.


Icinga release building &
packaging. (Lead by Michael Friedrich)
awirtALEXANDER WIRT | "formorer"
Alexander maintains the official Debian packages for Icinga alongside Nagios, in support of the Icinga core team. On the team since March 2010.
MATTHEW THODE | "mthode"
A sys admin at an ITSP in USA, Matthew uses Icinga to monitor VoIP infrastructure. Matthew contributes to Icinga Core helping out where he knows best - packaging Icinga for Gentoo. On the team since August 2010.
LARS ENGELS | "LarsEngels"
Lars runs Icinga on Oracle Solaris and FreeBSD so his main goal is to keep Icinga portable and usable on non-Linux platforms. In this way he supports the Core team. On the team since October 2010.
On board since May 2012, Carl contributes to Core, Packaging and QA, particularly with his Solaris knowledge. A sys admin and Icinga user with 30 years experience in IT on everything from hardware to application programming, Carl specialises in cross-platform interoperability and has used Nagios since the mid-2000s.
MARKUS FROSCH (+ WEB) | "lazyfrosch"
Icinga and Nagios user/sys admin for several years now, Markus is currently an Icinga and open source consultant. He maintains the Icinga Web packages for Debian, and contributes to other open source projects. You might find him on Icinga's IRC channel pondering on user problems. On board since August 2012.
Hailing from NYC, Sam works on packaging, security, and distribution issues for Icinga. In addition to his work on Icinga, he works at Red Hat on systems management and cloud guest initialization problems. Sam also helps maintain the Ruby, Erlang, and monitoring stacks in Fedora and is the maintainer of the Puppet 2.7 branch. Onboard since February 2014.


Icinga Web, Icinga Mobile and more recently, Icinga Web 2 development.
(Lead by Marius Hein - Web)
Marius HeinMARIUS HEIN | "mhein"
Developer of NETWAYS Portal, Grapher V2 and various Plugins and Addons for Icinga/Nagios. Lead Developer of Icinga Web and "Cronk" creator.
On the team since May 2009.
Jannis MosshammerJANNIS MOSSHAMMER | "jmosshammer"
Jannis specialises in Icinga Web and the module loader architecture. He developed the first Icinga Module named Heatmap for Icinga. Jannis has experience with modern web architecture and underlying frameworks such as Agavi and Doctrine. Users of Icinga Mobile can thank also Jannis. On the team since April 2010.
ERIC LIPPMANN | "lippser"
Eric is a member of the Icinga Web team and a long time PHP and Javascript developer. He is main developer of inGraph and responsible for many cronk concepts and ideas. On the team since summer 2011.
THOMAS GELF | "tgelf"
A native of the Italian Alps, Thomas brings with him nearly two decades of development experience in various languages and contributes mostly to Icinga Web 2. In his professional life he is an Icinga and Puppet consultant and trainer. Officially on the team since 2014 (about when he ran out of places to hide).


Icinga quality, release testing &
bug reporting, as well as Icinga documentation writing & translation. (Lead by Rune Darrud - QA & Wolfgang Nieder - Docs)
rdarrudRUNE DARRUD | "TheFlyingCorpse"
Rune is responsible for Icinga quality, release testing and bug reporting. Rune is a member of the Q&A and Core teams. On the team since July 2010.
Lara BerdelsmannLARA BERDELSMANN (+ ICINGA DOCS) | "croft"
Active member of Icinga/Nagios community and in real life IT administrator with a running Icinga setup in a large environment. Specialises in Icinga Documentation, Icinga Usability, Quality & Testing. On the team since May 2009.
Wolfgang NiederWOLFGANG NIEDER (+ ICINGA DOCS) | "Wolfgang"
Active member of Icinga/Nagios Community, Translator of the German Nagios documentation, member of NagVis Team, the Nagios visualisation addon. In charge of: Icinga Documentation. On the team since May 2009.
FRANZ HOLZER | "Frankstar"
Franz is on the QA team, testing Icinga, supporting users on community channels and improving our dev tracker processes. Responsible for monitoring iTaurus IT Dienstleistungs and customers' systems in their cloud, Franz has plenty of on the job Icinga experience, writing plugins and the like. On the team since April 2012.
SVEN BAUKNECHT | "tuxifier"
Sven helps to test Icinga and expand Icinga Wiki. A Linux enthusiast of 16+ years, he started monitoring in the late 90s with Big Brother, Netsaint and Nagios both professionally and privately. At work he helps design and implement monitoring solutions - exclusively with Icinga as of 2009. On the team since November 2012.


virtual machines. (Lead by David Gerbec)
DAVID GERBEC | "davidg"
A Linux system admin who first started using Linux in 1995, David's day job has him involved in all stages of system integration (mixed envs., visualization, monitoring, ...) and support. He also contributes to Icinga QA. On the team since Dec 2011.
Starting in 2001 with Netsaint (now Nagios) Assaf has since built NMS structures for data centres on 3 continents, combining Nagios with tools such as MRTG, Snort, Asterisk and Cacti. In Icinga, Assaf contributes to IDOUtils, NRPE QA and VM creation. On the team since December 2011.


Icinga announcements, events & community support.
Former member of Nagios Community Advisory Board, Managing Director at NETWAYS, creator of MonitoringExchange (formerly NagiosExchange). Bernd contributes to Icinga project management and public presentations. Co-founder of the Icinga Project and Icinga Reporting maintainer.
AMANDA MAILER | "amanda.mailer"
Amanda is a happy little vegemite who helps to keep the website/blog lively and social networks buzzing. You may know her from a few Icinga webcasts on YouTube too. She’s the go-to for media enquiries and event opportunities. Officially on the team since May 2011.