Download just what you need

The beauty of Icinga lies in its modularity. Take the core, add a UI, then tack on plugins and addons as you need. In three steps you will have a fully fledged monitoring system tailored to your environment. As Icinga is licensed under GPLv2 it is completely free to use, distribute and modify. Keep up to date with our releases by subscribing to our RSS feed.


Step 1: Core & Interface

Either Install from Packages

Packages_buttonWe strongly recommend package installs over source tarball installs. If you are not sure, try your package manager’s search and be sure to check the wiki how-to guides. Tip: Always look for the package README (e.g. /usr/share/doc/icinga-idoutils/README.Debian) containing further instructions required after package install!

Or Install from Source Tarballs

The latest tarball releases can be found on Github. Please note: Release tarballs are available as projectname-version.tar.gz and not as GitHub-generated “source code”.

The official documentation contains several quick-start guides as well as a detailed documentation on setting up Icinga Web.

Monitoring, alerting, administration, includes IDOUtils (disabled by default) and web interface: Icinga Classic UI.
Current version: Core 1.11

Alternative “new” interface ideal for large enterprise environments with REST interface, refined user management, Ajax search and more. Enable IDOUtils (shipped in Core) to use.
Current version: Web 1.11

Optional Icinga-own addon to help you report on performance and plan ahead. Learn more about Icinga Reporting and how to install.
Current version: Reporting 1.10

Optional Icinga interface for mobile devices to help you manage your monitoring while you are on the go.
Current version: Mobile 0.2.0