Icinga´s Interfaces – Classic UI & Web

Icinga offers 2 web interfaces for users to view Icinga monitoring results and send commands to the Icinga Core. In both Icinga Web and Classic UI, host and service status, history, notifications and status maps are available to keep a check on the health of your network in real-time. Both also support IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses. Learn more about:
Icinga Web features, view its screenshots or watch the Icinga Web YouTube video
Icinga Classic UI features or view its screenshots

Icinga Web

Dynamic and user-friendly, this is Icinga’s Agavi based, Ajax driven, Web 2.0 inspired frontend.

View your monitoring as you like it

Icinga Web displays real-time status data in a configurable spreadsheet, so you can:
- Sort and group data by columns (eg. host or status)
- Filter data in detail (eg. HTTP services which are not OK)
- Send commands simultaneously to multiple hosts/services by checking boxes
- View host or service details and history in the same window


Search with Ajax ease

The powerful Ajax search tool allows you to type in the first few letters of a string, to choose from results listed by host, service or group complete with colour-coded status. Needless to say, the tool only displays results which meet your user rights and permissions – ideal for the larger enterprise.



Customize-a-Cronk ‘n’ Dashboard

A library of Cronks (widgets) offer various views which can be dragged and dropped around the screen, customized, minimized, resized and categorized. As changes are persistent, you can come back to your tailored Cronk or arrangement of Cronks in the panels and tabs of your personal dashboard.



Manage user rights meticulously

Beyond the standard contact group restriction, user settings can be individualized to limit access to certain host or service groups, remove the ability to send commands and even limit the display of custom variables such as specific hosts or services. All from the front end. With LDAP and Active Directory support, Icinga Web also makes life easier for larger enterprises.



Icinga Web 0.9.1 Beta Webcast

YouTube Preview Image

Cheers to VCN Instrumentales for the backing music!


Icinga Classic UI

Traditional in look and feel, this is Icinga’s interface for those who like the familiar single window format as in Nagios, combined with cool enhancements:

  • JSON output for accelerated data access
  • CSV export on CGIs to aid addon development
  • Log file search with filters, regular expressions and wildcard capabilities
  • Host search with wildcard capabilities
  • Compound commands to send to multiple hosts/services simultaneously
  • Dependencies displayed in host/service details
  • Config command expander integrated for frontend access
  • Tactical overview header to keep an eye on the most important details in every window
  • CGI Config Options to view user authorisations
  • Modified Attributes to see host and service configurations compared against the latest attributes applied in the front end

Because Icinga Classic UI receives continued development, you can rest assured that any addons you are used to using with Nagios can be used with Icinga too.


Icinga Web

Icinga Classic UI