What is Icinga?

Icinga is a monitoring software project that began as a fork of Nagios. The Icinga Project maintains two branches in parallel: Icinga 1 and Icinga 2.

Icinga 1 and Icinga 2 are enterprise-grade open source monitoring systems that keep watch over a network and any conceivable network resource, notify users of errors and recoveries, and generate performance data for reporting.

Though both are scalable and extensible, Icinga 2 is designed to monitor complex, large environments across dispersed locations out-of-the-box.

All software written by the Icinga Project is licensed under GPL V2 – free to use, distribute and modify.


Icinga 1

Icinga 1 is the original fork of Nagios and is backward compatible. So all Nagios configurations, plugins and addons can be used with Icinga 1. Though Icinga 1 retains all the existing features of its predecessor, it improves upon them to add many long awaited patches and features requested by the user community.



Icinga 2

Icinga 2 is a modern monitoring solution designed by the Icinga Project. Free from the constraints of a fork, it builds on the success of Icinga 1 to be faster, easier to configure, extend and scale. Icinga 2 is backward compatible to Icinga 1 / Nagios plugins and addons.

Note: Where “Icinga” is mentioned on our website and in our blog posts, we are usually referring to Icinga 1.

With either Icinga 1 or Icinga 2 you can:

Monitor – any network and all its resources

  • Network services: SMTP, POP3, HTTP, SNMP, NNTP, PING, etc.
  • Host resources: CPU load, disk utilization, system logs, etc
  • Server components: Switches, routers, temperature and humidity sensors, etc

Notify –when issues arise and are resolved

  • Through any channel (Email, SMS, phone call, etc)
  • Escalate alerts to other users or communication channels
  • Fine tune notification settings (accounting for dependencies between hosts & services)

Report – on performance and plan ahead

  • Capacity utilization to plan for growth
  • Chart graphs with addons like PNP4Nagios or Graphite


The Tool Kit

Icinga 1 and Icinga 2 are modular in architecture. Tack on a user interface, generate reports or connect your smartphone. Peek into our tool kit to see how you can custom-build your own Icinga monitoring system:


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